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Yu-Gi-Oh! ONLINE 3 2.0

Yu-Gi-Oh! Online is the web version of this popular card trading game
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Yu-Gi-Oh! Online is the web version of this popular card trading game, which will allow you to play against other duelists worldwide. First, you will need to register by opening an account at the game’s website, which can also be done from the program’s interface itself.

Once you are logged in, you can engage in duels with any player in any chat room. Then, applying the game rules, you will play your cards to beat your opponents. When you win a duel, you will be credited with points that will allow you to "buy" packs of items that will increase your power, making it easier to fight against powerful opponents. Another way of buying items is by purchasing a Boosterpass, paying for it online using your credit card or a PayPal account. Therefore, winning this game will depend on not only your ability with the cards, but also on how much (real) money you spend buying goods that will enhance your avatar’s power and strength.

The game will allow you to create your own customized avatar or collection of avatars, which you can store and use whenever you want.

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